You Are Your Own Responsibility

One thing I have always strived for in my quest for excellence and success is stability. Perhaps you can relate to this. I grew up in very unstable conditions. Eighteen different schools and never living in the same house for more than a couple of years. I lived a volatile life. That included step-parents, divorces, […]

Overcoming Obstacles (Don’t Give Up)

Have the heart of a champion and always keep your head up. Be proud of the work and effort you put forth. Winning is a great feeling, but giving your every effort is the final measure of success. It’s amazing how much the odds of winning increase as the efforts improve.  I view competition as […]

Avoid Temptations

We avoid temptations, including infidelity, drugs, gambling, pornography, and mismanaging the wealth we’ve been entrusted with. The temptation is always going to be out there. This is a subject that really fascinates me because these things really consume some people. To the point of destroying their lives and they just can’t fight it. I’ve spoken […]