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You Are Your Own Responsibility

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November 11, 2019
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November 18, 2019

One thing I have always strived for in my quest for excellence and success is stability. Perhaps you can relate to this. I grew up in very unstable conditions. Eighteen different schools and never living in the same house for more than a couple of years. I lived a volatile life. That included step-parents, divorces, remarriages, parents dating, custody battles, making new friends constantly, and not getting to hang onto old friends. 

Now, as an adult, I stay as stable as possible. I’ve lived in the same house for the last decade and have never had that kind of stability before. I have been married to the same woman and I have established roots in the community and have anchored myself as dependable and stable. As it turns out, people like to do business with someone who is stable. People like to hire someone who is stable. They like to get to know someone who is stable. 

Be responsible for yourself. When you stop blaming other people (including your parents) you can really achieve success. When we insist on blaming somebody else, we can’t fix the problem. When we admit to ourselves that even though somebody else influenced me, it is my decision to continue to act this way, then and only then, can we actually begin to fix the issue at hand. That is why self-responsibility is so important and critical to living a good life. 


How you react in any scenario is 100% controlled by you. 


You get to decide to clam up, run away, scream, plan revenge, forgive, give grace, etc. 

Everything boils down to you. My father had a knack for always blaming other people. Quite often I was the he blamed. If he hurt himself, it was because I was talking and he couldn’t concentrate. If he messed something up it was because I was born, thus creating a series of events that led to him messing up. If you want to be successful, blame yourself. If you get a bad grade, blame yourself and not the teacher. When you blame yourself you force yourself to improve. To not screw up again. To learn from mistakes. You will slowly, but surely make yourself better and better. That’s how you become successful. positive

Staying positive will have huge benefits on your life. It can make you happier and more satisfied in life. It opens up your creativity and problem solving skills. Be responsible for your own happiness. 

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