Take your DAD skills to the next level

Great Dads are what it really takes to change the world for the better. GOOD DAD to GREAT DAD debunks the myths of Dads and the role Dad serves in the home. This book challenges the narrative that Dads are less important, incompetent, and even unnecessary. While Good Dads are very important, Great Dads have the biggest impacts in their families. Townsend lays out a path of thought and action to help Dads make the shift from Good to Great. It is time for YOU to be part of the solution and be the very best Dad that you can be. Become Great for your kids and for every future generation that will look back and say YOU made all the difference by becoming GREAT! This thought-provoking book is the 2nd published book by 100% DAD founder Townsend Russell. It is a must read for all Dads!


There is no better book for a quick fix of dad wisdom and encouragement!! This book of my favorite memes is meant to be kept at the ready so you can flip to any page for a dose of 100% Dad! We have learned the very best dads are always learning and fine-tuning their dad skills!! Order yours today for the coffee table, office, bathroom, nightstand, or even share the wisdom by ordering a copy for the waiting room at your office.