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Overcoming Obstacles (Don’t Give Up)

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November 4, 2019
You Are Your Own Responsibility
November 18, 2019
Handle Money Well
November 4, 2019
You Are Your Own Responsibility
November 18, 2019

Have the heart of a champion and always keep your head up. Be proud of the work and effort you put forth. Winning is a great feeling, but giving your every effort is the final measure of success. It’s amazing how much the odds of winning increase as the efforts improve. 

I view competition as a good thing because it brings out the best in people. It is fun for all participants — win, lose, or draw. There is a special feeling we get going head to head with another individual or team. The planning, preparation, and execution instills discipline, character, morals, and drive. Competition keeps us pushing forward. As a country, some of our greatest successes were the result of intense competition both at home and with other nations. 


“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

-Winston Churchill


Overcoming Obstacles

We all have struggles we deal with. Some struggles are easy to notice and others are hidden deep inside us. Perseverance is key to overcoming our struggles. We should never be too proud to seek help. Pride can be the downfall of any person if we are not careful. We must remember that we did not get to be successful alone and we will not stay on top alone. Darkness can work its way into our hearts and souls. We must seek the light and find refuge in the Church and our family. In our darkest times we must remember our greatest days are still ahead of us. Remain positive and optimistic no matter our current circumstances. 

Failure is not a bad thing or a problem, in fact, I would encourage failure. Failure means we are pushing past our comfort zones and pushing the envelope. We never want to settle for mediocrity or surrender to ridicule. We never surrender, we never give up.  You can do anything you set your mind to. 

Challenges should absolutely be embraced. Never quit and never surrender, instead push through obstacles and come out on the other side. We do our best to avoid temptations and we practice self-discipline. We try to do what other people can’t do and what other people tell us we can’t do. If you want to be the best, you can never stop trying. You will always be respected for trying, even if you fail. Embrace challenges. Get excited by those challenges. Conquer those challenges!

A huge part of perseverance is belief. Belief that you can do anything you set your mind to. If you focus on something, believe it will happen, and take action to make it happen, and pray every day to make it happen, then you can literally will it to happen. God will help, but you have to do actual work. Belief is an action verb, after all. 

Learn that life is not fair. Life is not easy. You will have challenges and these challenges are opportunities. Some people bury their heads in the sand and some people run away. Fight. Break down barriers. There may be times we need to make a decision to live to fight another day, but we will never be known to run and hide from conflict. We eat conflict for breakfast. 


What’s causing your lack of action?

Fear of success?

You are just going to have to get over that one. It’s a silly fear. God will not give you anything you cannot handle. No matter what happens, you will find a way to deal with it. Go out and make something happen!

Fear of failure?

It’s funny that the fear of failure directly causes it. Once you realize your paralysis is directly causing your failure, start moving forward. Even little tiny steps are better than no steps at all. 

Not knowing how to take the first step? 

It is really easy. It doesn’t have to be a leap. Just move forward in the direction you want to go. Baby steps are better than no steps. 

Not seeing the long term vision?

Planning and creating a vision are half the battle. You have to know where you want to go in order to get there. Plan your trip and know that you will revise the plan along the way, but you get to the destination just the same. 

Having no faith in the thing you are pursuing? 

Then why would you pursue it? Taking action toward something stupid is….well….. just stupid. Pursue things that are good and honorable. Pursue things you believe in. We should all wake up happy about what we are going to do, not dread them. 

Not believing it will work? 

We need to get to why you don’t believe. Is it a bad plan? Then we need to improve the plan. Is it a bad idea? Then we need to change the idea. Is it immoral? Then we need to find something else to do. Create a better plan that makes you believe or move onto something you believe in. 

Set specific goals and write them down so they are visible reminders. Keep pursuing your goals. Keep looking at them. See your results and the traction you are making. Be happy with where you are and the progress you are making, but never lose the fire to achieve new goals. 

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