Constantly seek improvement. We will enjoy life more and have a more fulfilling life if we are always a student. To say that I read is an understatement. I love to read nonfiction, especially biographies and business related material. Lately, I have been reading a ton of family and parenting books. However, I was never a big fan of school. High school and college were frustrating experiences for me intellectually. 

Knowing our history is how we keep from repeating mistakes. We learn from other generations to better our future. Here are just a few thoughts I have about how to help kids who may have issues with school like I did. 


Common School Issues


For some kids school is too easy. This is a direct result of poor teaching. Teachers should be challenging their students. Studies show Prefrontal Cortex Thinking vs. Lower Reactive Thinking is imperative when it comes to learning and boredom. If you are not actively challenging these kids, you are actively holding them back. 

Social Priorities

Some kids think they are too cool for school. This is a small percentage of children, but sometimes we have to face the music. As an outsider seeing this, these kids need to be paired with someone special that can guide them along. Otherwise they are the anchor dragging classes down.  

Too Challenging

For some kids school is just too hard. They need help and it is the responsibility of parents and teachers to help them. They need to study more and be held accountable. Adjustments will need to be made on how the material is delivered and they need to be incentivized. Certain subjects are simply hard for them to grasp, and possibly every subject. Here is the big secret: The smart kids, the ones who ace their tests, they are not born knowing how to do algebra and chemistry. They had to learn the material. They either picked it up the first time they read it or they have read it many times. They have tutors or parents who have exposed them to the subjects before or they simply have read the subject matter before. Some smart kids read and reread to make sure they know the subject. That makes them committed, not prodigies that just magically know facts. No one just be dropped into a class and know all the answers. 


Secondary Education 


Since I am technically a college dropout, many could assume that I disagree with college. I don’t. I think higher education is a great thing. I fully expect my children and future generations to pursue higher education in an environment that challenges them. Some college degrees will open up opportunities for you. If you are interested in a specific field, like medicine, then obviously you need college. I don’t agree with going to college just to go to college as an experience. If you’re confused about what you want to do with your life go to a local community college and work while in school. 

Trade Schools

Trade schools are great because you learn specific skills. They don’t waste your time with pointless other credits. They get right to what’s needed for a specific career path. 


There are many  books and online materials to learn specific functions without having to go to school. You can even teach yourself how to program computer code, then take a certification exam. That can get you hired at nearly the speed of light!


Always Seek Improvement. 

If you think you know everything, you will suffer the downfall of pride. You should always have the goal of becoming a better person, a better citizen, friend, and family member. Keep your mind, body, and spirit sharp. Work out, study, and don’t engage in acts of idleness or laziness. Knowledge can also be a dangerous thing. Some of the smartest men on the planet are responsible for the dumbest decisions in history.