2020 Tour Announcement – 100% DAD

2020 Tour Announcement

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January 23, 2020
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We are super excited to announce we are going on a North American tour to promote 100% DAD. We bought the truck and 5th wheel. We’re preparing our family by selling a ton of stuff because we used to have 4000 sq ft of extra storage AKA the business office and warehouse. Now we are trying to cram it all in our 1600 sq ft house. So yard sales it is… Facebook marketplace, Ebay,  and Craigslist. Whatever it takes. We are getting claustrophobic. I have 10 pianos in my house. TEN. It’s pure insanity.

A lot of friends have asked if we are selling the house. The answer is no, we are keeping our house. We want a place to come back to if we need a break or if we decide living in a tin can with five people is a stupid idea and we want to come home. Plus that house is special to me. I lived in over 20 houses growing up. I think I attended 18 different schools. I crave stability. I have owned this house since 2008. It’s been the longest I have ever lived anywhere. It is almost a comfort home for me at this point. I’d rather have it than sell it at this point. Rhyan’s brother is going to house-sit for us to make sure the place doesn’t fall apart or get squatted in. 

In terms of our “new home” for the next year. We bought a Jayco Northpoint  375BHFS. We went this route or a few reasons. Our first choice in traveling was a Class A RV. We quickly realized that with a Class A it is really nice when you are on the road. You can make lunch, watch TV, play games, take a nap in a bed. You get a lot of comfort while the wheels are moving, (except of course me because I’ll be driving). The downside to a Class A with children is all the living space is in the back of the RV. There’s not a lot of separation and not much privacy. Rhyan and I enjoy putting the kids down for bed around 8pm and having an hour or two to ourselves. It’s our routine. We get some uninterrupted time together. To clean up, make plans, make out, Netflix and chill, and most importantly….go over our budget. 

So with a 5th wheel we could gain that privacy. In our 5th wheel we have a master bedroom in the front with its own bathroom and laundry, the living space is in the middle and at the end is a bunk room with four bunks and its own bathroom. We can still put the kids to bed, close the door, and clean the kitchen while jamming to 21 Pilots. This set up allows us to have a more “home” feeling and we simply felt that would help us acclimate to life on the road a lot better. We will have to travel in the pickup truck, but truth be told, we don’t plan on doing long stretches of driving with a 5th wheel. We think we will kind of putter around the country. Maybe traveling 2-4 hours between campsites. That’s not so bad. The truck has DVD players in the headrests, so really we are talking about the length of a movie. Hopefully we can travel in between meals and drive without bathroom breaks (gotta have goals!). The 5th wheel is being built. We should get it in mid-February. Stay tuned for that. 

Our itinerary is far from set in stone. We know we will start in the NorthEast, exploring Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, and Canada. We will spend the spring and summer in that neck of the woods. Once fall sets in we plan to be in the mountains trying to find the best views. Once winter rolls around we will play it by ear. We have a 5th wheel that should be able to handle winter, but we don’t really know what that means or how comfortable we will be. While we want our Florida boys exposed to some snow and ice we prefer not to wake up blue or replace pipes. We may end up teaching the boys how to ski then skedaddle South until it warms up. Or we may stay up North and push to the Midwest. Maybe find a place to ice fish and ride snow skis.

If you have suggestions of where to stay or places we need to see let us know. We want to see so much of this great country. We want to give our kids a perspective and experience Rhyan and I certainly never had growing up. We have had our heads down cranking out babies and building businesses. Now we’re finally going to look up and enjoy the view!!!

The purpose of this tour will be the promotion of 100% DAD. Expose the brand nationwide and meet and interview dads all across the country. We will document as much as we can and push out as much content as we can. We will continue to push out the core messages 100% DAD stand for. We will also document our family travels and experiences from a dad’s perspective and we will have a much greater amount of outside perspective by finding dads all over the country. We’ll podcast and video those interactions and make them available for everyone. While the platform has always been pointed in the boring and educational direction we hope to make the content much more entertaining for our followers!

We look forward to the challenge of growing a new business in an entirely new genre. We look forward to the people we will meet, friends we will make, things we will learn and things we will experience. If you’re close to us at any time reach out and connect with us. The point of this tour is exposure and really going all in on 100% DAD. The bonus will be all sorts of adventures and friends. 

While I would have liked to leave in early March, Rhyan has asked we don’t leave until mid April. She has a co-op she started with some other homeschool moms and she wants to finish the semester. Since we teach our boys to honor their commitments and finish what you start… we should probably do the same. Plus I still help the company that acquired as a POC and problem solver for clients. So a little extra time in Saint Augustine won’t be a bad thing… I’m just getting anxious!

Now send in those places we need to go! See you soon!

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  1. kim Smith says:

    Congratulations Rhyan and Townsend! What a great adventure for your family!