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The 100% DAD Tour 2020-2023 Schedule

We have been touring since May of 2020. We have set up camp in over 100 locations, over 35 states, covered over 50,000 miles and we are still going strong!!

Our original 2 year tour has been extended to 3 years. We are enjoying the new sights, meeting dads, and promoting the brand. It has been an amazing experience and I am super glad we have been documenting it as we go because it helps retrigger memories! Once we finish the Alaska leg in summer 2022 we will return to a few cities and slow down our pace. This will allow more content creation and live events!

Tour Information

The purpose of this tour is the promotion of 100% DAD and continuing to push out the core messages 100% DAD stands for. We document our family travels and experiences and we have a much greater perspective by connecting with dads all over the country. We enjoy the new experiences, people we will meet &, things we learn. If you are close to us at any time reach out and connect with us! [email protected]

If you have suggestions of where to stay or places we need to see let us know. This country has been an amazing thing to see firsthand. The incredible diversity in geography, culture, and people. We have seen a ton of this country and have quickly realized you could spend an entire lifetime exploring the USA and never get bored!!

If you would like to plan a Dad workshop at your church, community gatherings, interviews, or speaking opportunities contact [email protected]

100% Dad Schedule
2021 Nov 17- 24 Nashville, TN
Nov 24-27 Huntsville, AL
Nov 27- Dec 1 Chattanooga, TN
Dec 1-8 Knoxvile, TN
Dec 8-15 Chalreston, WV
Dec 15-22 Hilsboro, WV
Dec 22-28 Washington, DC
Dec 28 Travel stop NC
Dec 29 Travel Stop GA
Dec 30 - Jan 3 St. Augustine, FL
Jan 3-17 Pensecola, FL
Jan 17-28 Kississimme, FL
Jan 28-29 Miami. FL
Jan 29- Feb 1 Key West. FL
Feb 1-7 Miami, FL
Feb 7- 28 St. Augustine, FL
March, April, May- ME, NH, VT, NY
June, July, August- Alaska
September, October, November, December - TBD