The 100% DAD Tour 2020 Schedule

We are super excited to announce we are going on a North American tour to promote 100% DAD. We bought the truck and 5th wheel and we’re selling off almost all of our stuff.

A lot of friends have asked if we are selling the house. The answer is no, we are keeping our house. We want a place to come back to if we need a break or if we decide living in a tin can with five people is a stupid idea and we want to come home. In terms of our “new home” for the next year, we bought a 2020 Jayco Northpoint 375BHFS pulled by a 2017 Ford F350 DRW Platinum.

Tour Schedule

The purpose of this tour will be the promotion of 100% DAD and continuing to push out the core messages 100% DAD stands for. We will document our family travels and experiences from a dad’s perspective and we will have a much greater amount of outside perspective by connecting with dads all over the country. We look forward to the new experiences, people we will meet &, things we will learn. If you’re close to us at any time reach out and connect with us!

If you have suggestions of where to stay or places we need to see let us know. We want to see so much of this great country. We want to give our kids a perspective and experience Rhyan and I never had growing up. We have had our heads down cranking out babies and building businesses. Now we’re finally going to look up and enjoy the view!!!Now send in those places we need to go!
See you soon!

Contact directly for planning interviews, meetings, and speaking engagements.

[email protected]

100% Dad Schedule
May 7-13 General Coffee State Park, Nicholls GA
May 14-20 Florence Marina State Park, GA
May 21-25 Paul B Johnson State Park, Hattiesburg MS
May 26-30 Tom Sawyers Mississippi River West Memphis, AR
May 31-June 5 Dogwood Springs Rv Park Jasper, AR
June 6-9 Lake Paradise Resort Kansas City, MO
June 10 Shiloh Vineyard Farm Kansas
June 11-17 Eleven Mile State Park near Colorado Springs
June 18-24 Navajo State Park Colorado near Durango
June 25-July1 Rifle Gap State Park Colorado
July 2-6 Moab, UT Boondocking
July 6-9 Willard Bay State Park Utah
July 9-14 Blackfoot Reservoir Idaho
July14-23 Grand Teton (Yellowstone)
July 24 on the road Divide, MT
July 25-August 4 West Glacier, MT
August 5-on the road
August 6-15 Banff in Canada (if the borders open)
August 16-on the road
August17-23 outside Glacier, Montana
August 24-28 Benton
August 29-on the road
August 30-Sept 8 Roosevelt National Park in ND
Sept 9-on the road
Sept 10-19 north Minnesota
Sept 20 on the road
Sept 21-30 Sioux Falls, SD
Oct 1-8 Badlands National Park, SD
Oct 9-15 staying with Friend SD
Oct 16-22 Casper, WY
Oct 23-nov5- Denver, CO
Nov 6-12 Amarillo, TX
Nov 13-Oklahoma City, OK
Nov14-20 Wichita Falls, Texas
Nov21-Dec4 Whitney, TX
Dec5-11 Shrieveport, LA
Dec12-16 Austin, TX
Dec17-30 Lake Medina, TX
Dec31-Jan6 San Antonio, TX
Jan 7-21- Houston, TX
Jan 22-25 Rockport, TX
Jan 26-Feb 10- Isla Blance Island, TX
Feb 11-17- Concan, TX
Feb 18- CornStock, TX
Feb 19-25- Bg Bend National Park, TX
Feb 26- Mar 2- Guadalope National Mountains, TX
Mar 3-Mar 10- Tucson, AZ
Mar 10-23- Phoenix, AZ
Mar 24-Apr 12- San Diego, CA
Apr 13- Apr 14- Joshua Tree, CA
Apr 15-21- Palm Springs, CA
Apr 22- 27- Sedona,AZ
Apr 27-30- Grand Canyon,AZ
Apr 30- may 13 Zion, NP
May 14-22- Bryce NP
May 22-23- Capital Reed NP
May 24-27- Arches, NP
May 28- June 9- Las Vegas
Jun 9-14 - Sequia NP
Jun 14-27- King Canyon NP
Jun 17-27- Yosemite NP
Jun 27-30- Lake Tahoe
July 1-8- Volcanic NP
Jul 8-12- Napa Valley
Jul 12-26- San Francisco, CA
July 27-Aug 2- Redwood NP
Aug 3 -Aug 5- Crater Lake, OR
Aug 5- Aug 9- Bend, OR
Aug 9-13 Mt. Hood, OR
Aug 13-20- Seaside, OR
Aug 20-23 HOH Rainforest, WA
Aug 23- 28 Olympic NP
Aug 28- Sept 4- Fall City, WA
Sept 4-7- Mt. Rainier, WA
Sept 7- 11 La Grande, OR
Sept 11-15 -Crater of The Moon NP, ID
Sept 15-20- Jackson Hole, WY
Sept 20-21- Bar Nunn, WY
Sept 21-25- Rapid City, SD
Sept 25-26- Mitchell, SD
Sept 26-30- Des Moines Iowa
Sept 30- Oct 4 - Chichago, IL
Oct 4- 11 - Green Bay, WI
Oct 11-16 Upper Peninsula, MI
Oct 16-21 Traverse City MI
Oct 21-26 Grand Rapids MI
Oct 26- Nov 2- Colombus, OH
Nov 2 - 7 - Indianapolis, IN
Nov 7- 12 St. Louis, MO
Kentucky Tennessee West VirginiaWINTER 2021-2022 FLORIDA SPRING 2022- NE USA, MAINE, NH, VT, UPSTATE NY, MAYBE CANADA
FALL 2022 ???????