Where is 100% Dad Headquartered?
100% Dad is Headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida
How do I contact 100% Dad?
Contact us form on the website. Or email Townsend Directly at Townsend@100Dad.com
Who do I contact for Media and Press Inquires?
For Media and Press Inquiries email Townsend@100Dad.com
Who is Townsend Russell?
Founder and Personality for 100% Dad. See the about us section of our website for bio. About Us
How did 100% Dad Start?
Townsend wrote a death binder. It was a few inches thick and detailed what to do day 1 in the event he dies unexpectedly. Letter to employees, customers, vendors. Step by step instructions for his wife to step in and run everything without missing a beat. He thought he did such a good job replacing Townsend the business owner that he decided to write another one and replace Townsend the Dad. That turned into a book of things he wanted to teach his boys one day. And now that is the foundation for the content that 100% Dad puts out.
How does 100% Dad make money?
Merch Sales, Speaking Engagements, and Sponsorships.
Where is the 100% Dad tour now?
See our "On Tour" page here for an up to date schedule
How do I submit a story?
Email Townsend@100Dad.com
How do I sign up for podcast?
PODCAST SIGNUPS 1.) Email Townsend@100Dad.com DM's get buried quick and it’s easy to lose the conversation. Email is the way for podcast signups. 2.) Timing can be difficult. We travel a lot. We never know if we have good cell signal to record. A lot of times we are somewhere with good signal and I try to cram as many as i can in that time. 3.) I will send you a link from our studio Streamyard. You will need internet, microphone, camera, and headphones(to prevent feedback)
How do I have 100% Dad speak at my event?
Email Townsend@100Dad.com for availability and pricing.
Does 100% Dad sing?
No. Nope. Not at all.
Why does 100% Dad exist?
100% Dad exists as a place good dads can go to agree with content and be inspired and Struggling Dads can find useful. Because Dads need a place to be able to nod their heads and say yup. 100%. Spot on. We didn’t have that as Dads. Now we do.
Is Townsend rich?
Financially? Rich to some, not rich to others. Rich in life? Absolutely. Great family. Good health. Happy and content. What more can you ask for?
What's the most important aspect of being a dad?
Time. Make Time. Spend as much time with your family as you can. You can’t overdo it. You can’t get missed time back. That is the #1 regret of dads. They did not put in the time. They made career a priority. The time allows you to do everything else and have influence.
Why should I listen to anything 100% Dad says?
I mean you went thru all the trouble to read the FAQ….might as well keep going.
Is Townsend really the Sexiest Dad in America?
According to a recent study that was taken in my head, Yes. Yes he is.
Would you support a child that has come out as gay?
Still my kiddo.
Is your advice based on biblical beliefs?
I am Christian. If you look deep, you will see a lot of content, has its roots in Christian values. But we do not push scripture day to day. We are here for believers and non-believers.
What are some good books to read about parenting?
See our "Books" page HERE
Has Townsend ever been divorced?
No. But it has come close a few times!!
What do I do with my infant/Toddler?
Love on em. They don’t do much at those ages. But play with em. Bounce em. Kiss em. Talk to them. Teach them something new. Take them on walks in the stroller. Stimulation is how they develop brains. Bonding is important during this stage. Just put in the time.
How Long Has 100% Dad been on Tour? How long will it last?
The 100% Dad Tour Started May 7th 2020 and was recently extended past the summer 0f 2022. We keep the "On tour" section of the website up to date on the schedule. See it here
How does a dad deal with a crazy ex?
Start by picking better when you reproduce. Then by doing everything possible to hold the marriage together so there is no ex. Finally document like crazy because she’s crazy. I would keep everything in text or email. Forever. Print backups. Be prepared to show a judge how crazy she is. If she messes with court orders, report it. If she is harassing you, report it. If she is doing shady stuff, report it.