We teach our children morals and values, not other people.

So one of the big things that irritate me about parents are parents that are not involved in teaching their kids and I’m not talking about history, science, and math. There is a need for you to be involved there. 

I’m talking about family values, morals, ethics, right from wrong, and belief systems. That lack of teaching creates a void that gets filled one way or another. By television, books, teachers, and friends. If mom and dad are not the ones doing the molding then someone else is.

In my opinion, we are at damn near crisis levels for these things. So many people are perfectly happy to lie on purpose for their own personal gain. They are incapable of telling the truth if it somehow conflicts with them getting what they want. They will lie about their kid’s age to get into a theme park for less money. They will lie about the facts of a car accident so it doesn’t put the blame where it belongs, on them. They will lie to customer service reps about what an employee told them or what happened to a product.

It’s frustrating to witness such blatant lying, especially when the truth really wouldn’t hurt them.

Teaching our kids about stealing, cheating, lying… this is why so many people in our communities are really miserable. This is why there is so much complaining. This is why there are so many people getting offended about everything.

There needs to be a foundation of what is right in my family versus what is deemed wrong in my family and I’m not here to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong, I’m just here to say know where you stand. 

Do you think murder is ok? Lying? Stealing? Deceiving? Tricking people? Making fun of weaker people? Exploiting and using people for your own gain? Do you only help yourself or do you help others? Are you charitable? Do you believe in God? Jesus? Do you believe the Bible is the truth?

Is it okay to break rules if it helps you?

Is it okay to break rules if it’s to prevent something bad from happening?

Are rules for everybody else?

Do you look for ways to make the world better? Is your community better?

Do you think marriage is important or is it just paper? Is infidelity ok? Do you and your family want to be drug users? Gamblers? Addicts?

If you do something wrong… do you tell the truth? Do you admit guilt?

Do you exaggerate stories about yourself to make yourself seem better? 

Do you brag about everything or are you humble?

Do you post on social media only to show off and make others jealous?

Do you listen to your friends with their best interest in your heart, or do you find a way to make everything about yourself?

These are the real things you need to think about. You’re already doing them one way or the other, now it’s time to recognize it. Change it if that’s not who you want to be and make sure those lessons are spoken, out loud, to your kids. More than once. More than twice. This dad thing—it’s a way of life. Be a good dad. Know what you stand for. Know your values. Know your morals and ethics. Talk to your wife about them and for crying out loud write them down. Stick them on a wall. Make it part of your family history and family future. Hold yourself and your family accountable.

It’s going to make you a better dad. It’s going to raise a much better generation.

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