Dads should always be learning,  reading, and improving. We shouldn’t believe everything we read, but use our brain and our family values to decipher what is right and what is wrong.

Listen, not everyone is a reader. It’s easier for some than for others. I’ve got ADHD on steroids. I just zoned out for five minutes thinking about my ADHD. I like reading. I enjoy it. Unfortunately, when I read I get really into it and I have to finish it… like fast. I’d rather stays up to until four A.M. reading and finish the book than stretching it out over two weeks.

I’m weird. I get it. Most of what I read is non-fiction, with the occasional fiction book thrown in when my brain needs a break. I’m always craving to learn something new. I feel almost inadequate in that sense. I know I’ll never read and know everything, but I have a thirst to consume it all. Sometimes that’s just not possible. Because I have one of those things….what are they called, oh yeah, a life. I have bookshelves filled with books I’ve read and some I can’t read because the author was boring me or the content left me uninterested.

My point is we need to expand our horizons.

However, what you do is not for me to judge. I like to read. Reading is good. Maybe you like documentaries. Maybe you’re a website researcher. Maybe you’re a hands-on learner always going to shows, museums, classes, etc. I don’t know. Frankly, I don’t care. Just strive to improve, learn, and challenge your brain.

When your brain has to work it opens up all sorts of lanes for thoughts. Sitting around watching cartoon reruns doesn’t exactly inspire anyone to create a business, invent a gadget, cure cancer, fix a family dynamic, improve their relationships, or find a way to help the community.

Whatever knowledge you’re consuming, all the content comes with a grain of salt. I find a point to make sure I don’t get sucked into the cult of any one person. I’m looking to use my very large brain and pull out the content that is good and reject the content that is not good. Deciphering what content is right, wrong, or relevant is an internal thought process. You have to know what your values are. Where your moral boundaries lie. Life experience is a major factor in deciding what to believe and what to reject. Some of the stupidest decisions in history were made by very smart people.

That’s the reason we want to be continuously learning and improving. The more perspectives we have, the more insight we have, the harder our brain works and we naturally get better at our decision making.

Thanks for listening to my thoughts on being a dad. Always learning and expanding his horizons, but not drinking any of the “Kool-Aid”. Also, can I add if someone is out there asking for a bunch of money to teach you or enroll you, I’m not saying don’t do it… but it’s 2019. There is a lot of free or less expensive information out there. I put myself in one of those $25,000 programs years ago and although some information was good, it wasn’t 25k good.

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