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Dads, Guns and Kids
April 3, 2019
Look 4 the Best in People
April 3, 2019
Dads, Guns and Kids
April 3, 2019
Look 4 the Best in People
April 3, 2019

I write this one for me. This is my thing.


Pride is my struggle. We need to constantly remind ourselves that we are, in fact, human. We (by we, I mean me) are very susceptible to becoming overconfident. I have to remember I did not achieve anything by myself. Other people helped me, influenced me, and molded me. Parents, friends, mentors, even enemies all get to lay claim to having shaped you into you. And me into me. Whether good or bad they had an impact.

I think it 100% okay to be confident and proud of our accomplishments. It’s easy for someone that has achieved success to allow it to go to their head and think they are the greatest thing to grace the earth since Jesus.  That’s where I need to step back and check myself. And where other men need to do the same.  Pride is my struggle and I’m not alone. A lot of Dads have inflated ego’s and it impacts their life in a bad bad way. I’m thankful to have married young and married well. Rhyan has been there thru everything with me. She can remind me of times when I wasn’t so great. She can also build me up and remind me of when I was great. But she always has the ability to pop my balloon head when it gets too big. Although she and I often disagree when my head has gotten too big. Funny thing is I don’t even think I’m that great most of the time. I have built successful businesses, but they are not massive. I have a paid off home but it’s not a mansion. I like my truck but it’s not a brand new F350 dully platinum trim 8ft bed tuxedo black with pecan leather interior 6.7L Ho Ho Ho. I am well off financially but in comparison to others. I’m a peon. 


I must remember I have a purpose in life and that purpose revolves around God, not me. He holds all the authority and we are called to be his humble servants.


Religion is a big part of my life and it helps me with my pride. There is nothing more humbling than going to church, getting on your knees, and thanking God, asking forgiveness, asking for blessings, and knowing in the big picture you are a tiny piece of the Great one’s plan. Praying and talking to a higher authority is humbling.


Giving is a fantastic way to remain grounded and humble. It really is great to give because it opens up our hearts and refreshes our spirits while reminding us of our role in the world. It is good to give both our time to help and our finances to help.


Giving tip #1: If we give all of our wealth away, we can no longer help people. So give wisely.


Giving tip #2: If we give to people or organizations who mismanage then we are not being effective givers. Conduct research on organizations to make sure they are actually using a high percentage of your donations to help people. Not paying for advertising and payroll.


Being thankful to combat pride. Keeps you humble. Thanks to God for being born in America. Thanks to your parents because without them you would’ve starved. Thanks to the author of the book you read that gave you that idea or that mindset. Thanks to the teachers that taught you. Thanks to friends that supported and encouraged you. Thank the guy who said you couldn’t do it, so you did it to prove him wrong. Thank everyone for everything. And it’s a humbling experience.


Accepting Blame keeps you humble. It’s one of the great things about being a true entrepreneur.  Especially the small ones. Because everything is my fault. Cell phone disconnected? My fault. Heck, I choose that carrier. Internet down. My Fault. I hired them. Bad employee. My Fault. Toilet clogged? My fault. Landlord mad? Client mad?  Wife mad? My fault. I take the blame for everything. It doesn’t destroy me I just fix it. But it’s my fault. I started taking this approach at home. Chickens out of food and water because I haven’t been home in 3 days during daylight? My fault. Should have some home. Should’ve checked on them in the dark. Do I blame my stay at home wife or 3 homeschooled boys? I did. That was easy. My fault.  It changes how you look at things. Taking the blame and holding yourself accountable and making sure the buck stops with you, that humbles you.

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