Does it drive you crazy when you catch people lying? I don’t get it. And it’s often lying about the smallest things. By that I mean if they were honest we wouldn’t even care!!

Lying, embellishment, misleading has all become almost a norm in today’s culture.

Let’s fight back with brutal honesty and raise a generation with the same integrity and morals as ourselves.

Why do this? Why do we as dads need to care about being honest?

I can already hear the naysayers.

But you lie about Santa and the Easter Bunny? Are you really going to tell your kids about sex, rape, molesting at the age of 4?

If the honest answer is not age appropriate, then we need to admit that. “Buddy you’re not old enough to know that answer, I’ll tell you when you are 11.”

Santa and the Easter Bunny, are all okay things in the Russell household. Santa lives in the North Pole. Fact. We don’t need to divulge that Santa is a fictional character. But the fictional character does live in the North Pole with his reindeer. 

We are age appropriate with our kids when it comes to make believe, superheroes, hard life facts, etc. 

If my kids, or some stuck up parent, wants to call me out on that aspect of honesty, I have no problem defending my position.

At a young age, I am all about encouraging my child’s imagination and creative influences.

I will fight imaginary ninjas in our fort with my boys. No need to sit them down and explain that there are no ninjas and it’s not a fort. Just sheets and boxes. I am also willing to protect their innocence.

Revealing too many hard life facts at a very young age will take some of the joy and innocence out of their childhood. They just aren’t ready. Children are not adults. We should not treat them as such. When we have raised them to be awesome adults, THEN we can treat them like adults.

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