Our family knows that hard work is the key to happiness.

Ahhhhh. Hard work. Makes a man feel like a man. There is just something satisfying about exerting physical labor and seeing the immediate fruits of our labor. I have something to admit. I like mowing the grass. It’s hot, sticky, I burn easy, I live in Florida. But it reminds me of my old lawn mowing business when I was a kid and there is just something about watching an unkempt yard get a nice trim. And knowing me and that loud engine getting stuff done.

Nowadays a lot of us don’t get many opportunities to expert physical energy anymore. And that’s okay. Hard work comes in many forms. Frankly, a kid that sees his dad working hard building a road or hunched over a desk running numbers teaches the same lesson. Put maximum effort into our work. Men, Dads, we don’t look for ways to do something half ass. If we are going to do something we are going to do it to the best of our ability. Maybe it’s just my competitive nature. But I want to be the best at whatever I do. That’s something my Dad drive into my head repeatedly. I remember clear as day,( and let me preface this with I desperately wanted to be a garbage man when I grew up) I mean hanging off the back of a big diesel truck, waving to kids, cleaning up the streets, first dibs on the thing people are throwing out. I still want to be a garbage man.

My dad always sad I don’t care If you want to be a garbage man, but if you are going to be a garbage man be the best garbage man that ever lived.  Always give your best no matter what you do.

Fast forward a few years and I’m working construction my freshmen summer in college. I was on the prep crew for pouring concrete. We had to pull up some welding wire, sheets these steel sheets that are prepped above the dirt and you pour the concrete over them it strengthens the concrete. We had to redo them or something I cants quite remember the details. I remember the guys were having a hard time pulling them up. I jumped in there and was showing off how strong I was and that I could do it all. Halfway through I thought I was impressing these guys and they are laughing at me cause I’m doing all the work while they stood around and watched. I finished the job. I remember deciding at the moment I’d rather do that task well and be laughed at for “working too hard” than to join the ranks of those guys and look for the easier way. I’m going to take the hard road every time. It’s just the way I’m wired.

And because of that work ethic 10 years later our stations in life are completely different. I’ve busted my ass working hard ever since then, not looking for the easy path, and it’s safe to say its paid off big time.  

No matter what you are doing digging ditches, making, fries, cleaning toilets…if you become the best at your craft or at least make the effort to try and become the best at you craft then you’re not going to be there very long. You’re going to get promoted. If you don’t get promoted someone is going to notice you and offer you a job. Don’t do just enough to be okay or be good. Try and be the best. Most of us will never truly actually be the best. But the effort put forth trying will resonate with everyone. And the pride you feel in knowing you did a task really well is more than enough reward for me.

I like work so much that I know I’ll never retire. Not really. I’ll travel. I might sell a company. I might have less busy years. But I know I’ll always be cooking something up. I have no desire to sit on a couch and wait to die. I have no desire to be bored every day. I have no desire to sit on a boat in the Caribbean for years. Ill totally do it for a week. But I would just get bored and fidgety. I would have to start a fishing charter or boat repair, or rum delivery to boats if I’m going to retire to the Caribbean.

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