First Things First. Don’t Panic. You are not the first person to be laid off and you will not be the last.

But I absolutely get why you have that lump in your throat. Dads Provide.

It’s one of the top responses we get if we ask random folks on the street what is the top priority of a father. Providing Financially is a huge weight on our shoulders. Blue Collar or white collar there are physical, mental, and psychological stresses of work.

So when Dad gets the axe there are a few tips for dad.


The 100% Dad platform pretty consistently rejects the image that dad is a lazy, no good, sports obsessed goofball. We tend to think of unemployment as just that…. lazy. My opinion is as long as it is a short-term solution and you are using that time to find employment then it should not be an embarrassment.

Now if you stay on unemployment and are faking looking for work, then yes you should be embarrassed. I would enthusiastically tell you that you are lazy and an absolute drain on us taxpayers that contribute to the unemployment fund.

When you are unemployed it is not a vacation. It’s a full-time job plus overtime finding a new job.


This is  great time to reassess your life in terms of career. This might be the kick in the pants you needed to start your own shop. This might be a shift to an entirely different field. Maybe even a different role that allows more freedom of time or flexibility to spend time with your family. This is a great time to ask yourself what you want to do for the next 10 years and pursue that role or that industry. For a dad that is key to providing I would warn against going back to school. For most you are just delaying what you need to do and taking on debt. If you are dead set on going to school for a specific purpose come up with a real clear plan. That plan needs to include you working other jobs to bring in income, studying like crazy, and making sure the family is on board with what realistically is a few years of an exhausted dad. You’re not a college student that gets to have fun. You’re a father that has real responsibilities.


If it’s a local place nothing is better than applying in person, asking for the person in charge of hiring and making a good impression. Stop by to follow up and reapply as you feel fit. If it’s a position you really want go after it!! The people that are hiring are going to be inundated with resumes. Find ways to stand out and be noticed.

Don’t be afraid of repetition. Apply over and over again. Your resume might have been discounted simply because someone was overwhelmed and made hasty decisions in sorting resumes.

Clean up your resume and don’t be afraid to tailor your resume toward each job you apply for. Focusing on qualities that make sense for the job you are applying for.

Clean up your image online. Social Media is the easiest way to scout potential employees. Make sure what is out there represents your best side. That’s professional sites like linked in and your TikTok page!

Pay attention to details and read instructions completely when applying. Being thorough and detailed is the easiest way to stand out. On that note show up early and prepared for interviews.

Follow up with handwritten notes to stand out. Don’t be afraid to call in and ask. :et it be known that this is a position you are really excited about.


Your network will help you find work. Lean into those connections. Hiring people is entirely human. We are making the best decision we can and often we find security and trust in personal recommendations. Hiring a friend of a friend always feels safer than a complete stranger. Ask your friends and family. Email everyone you can think of and let them know your circumstances and what you are looking for. People can not help if they don’t know!!


If you are hurting for cash and your family needs money no job is beneath you. Pick up parts time jobs. Help a friend do a project. Take overnight shifts or seasonal work. When your family is at stake, we can’t let pride and ego get in the way. Dads humble themselves and do jobs we normally would not do.


So many way to get quick cash. Maybe one of those odd jobs turns into a career. You would be amazed how much people will pay you to rake leaves, shovel snow, pull weeds, wash cars, mow lawns, etc. That’s just common labor around a nice neighborhood. With online work you can pick up cash by freelancing, like making logos or flyers, taking pictures of people, building websites, making sales calls, or offering tech support. The options are infinite, and you get to work for yourself! For some dads that a huge win. For other dads the multi-tasking, self-starting, and having to deal with every aspect may be too overwhelming!


In high stress situations like this it’s easy to start making impulsive stupid decisions. Both as a desperate attempt to make cash and as a way to relieve stress. Lottery, Gambling, get rich quick schemes are all out there and they seem more and more tempting when you get desperate. Desperate people are absolute prey. Know that. Vultures are out there trying to take advantage of your situation, don’t let them.

Addictive habits are particularly tempting in these times of high stress. Drugs, alcohol, porn are all temptation to stay away from. Don’t get caught up in high-risk behavior. It will only make things worse. While were at it keep your head on straight. Guys tend to get involved in affairs to make themselves feel better in these low times. Keep your head up and work on the problem.


Let’s be real honest here. It’s 2022. Everywhere I drive and everywhere I walk from coast to coast for the last 3 years I see the same thing.


There are a million jobs out there that would have you start tomorrow. The workplace is desperate for competent workers that show up on time and do a good job. It may not be perfect or even ideal, but it is a paycheck. And there is nothing wrong with earning a living while continuing to look for and interview for a better position.

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