Dads that feel they have Failed.

Dads that feel they have Failed This is a real issue across the world. Men carry a huge burden on their shoulders. They often feel like they could have done better or that they came up short in being a father. So let’s address that. 1.) Failure is normal. Everyone fails. It’s part of life. […]


DAD LIFE IN THE NFL You have a very real issue of needing to hyper-focus during the season. Truth. You’re not a normal 9–5/ 5 day a week/ 52 weeks a year Dad. You are not a salesman. You’re not hourly labor, you’re not management. You are talent. You are talent in a league where EVERYONE […]

Is being a hard-ass dad wrong?

 Is being a hard-ass dad wrong? Being only a hard-ass dad is not the answer. We’ve seen that story. Hard-ass overbearing dads drive their kids away and tear them apart. There is no real strong relationship. The “my way or the highway“ approach 100% of the time, is a failed strategy. It creates lifelong resentment and disrespect. […]

For the dads messaging me about ungrateful, unpleasant, & b***hy wives

For the dads messaging me about ungrateful, unpleasant, & b***hy wives No marriage is perfect. Every marriage goes through ups and downs. What I am hearing a lot is from Dads that are struggling in their marriage. They want the marriage to work. They did or still do love their spouse. They believe in marriage. They […]

Parents need to be involved in their kids school education

Tons of media coverage of this lately. Frankly Parents have too much faith in the school systems. Those school systems are not that great. They really are not. Even your states #1 school district in the terms of ranking in the worlds education system is middle of the pack. The single most important aspect of […]

 100 things that made 100% Dad

 100 things that made me America’s Dad #1 I had Sex. It is tough to be a Dad when you do not have a kid. Full credit due for invitro dads, for adoption dads, and stepdads. I am not trying to bash on anybody’s parade. I just did it the old-fashioned way. Had a lot […]

Dad Just Died — Now Mom has a GofundMe

Dad Dies. Mom sets up Gofundme. I’m ticked at Dad everytime I see this happen. Here’s Why. This all-too-common occurrence brings out two emotions in me. Deep sadness for the loss of a person with a spouse and kids grieving. And frustration and anger because this Dad did not protect his family. There are a […]


HOW TO DO VEGAS KID-FRIENDLY?? 8 tips for Dads with Kids in Vegas My first experience in Vegas was a shock to the system. I flew in around 5pm Vegas time from Florida with my wife a few days ahead of our trade convention. We wanted to get settled in and have a little fun […]