Well I finally did it. Officially a published author! This book is as much a useful tool for dads as well as a tribute to what put 100% Dad on the map. Our Instagram page @100dad grew from 0 to well over 40,000 followers in large part due to our memes. The last year or with Instagram change to pushing Reels has made the memes a bit of a relic on that platform. I handpicked my favorite memes from a selection of over 1000. Narrowed it down to 206 full color pages that includes the original caption and some comments!

Buy a copy for Dad! Buy a copy for yourself! It’s a book that is meant to be at the ready so you can pick it up, flip to a page and absorb a quick bite of encouragement or wisdom exclusively for Dad!
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Here is a link to the book that is exclusively on Barnes & Noble website.


Of course you could google 100% Dad book. You could go to the website under the “Books” section. Or you can find me and buy one directly from me!

An update for us on the tour. It is in fact coming to an end. We are currently in NC where we were hoping to purchase an RV Park. A few more stops before we pause back home in St. Augustine for a bit and decide if we will do any traveling in 2023. I know the fam wants to keep going but I am tired. I’m the one that like stability and we have been on the move for almost 3 years. I’m looking forward to creating more content for 100% Dad.  I’m thinking a live show every day. Maybe some meetups. I have an Awesome book in the works I’m still a few months away from finishing. I’m always looking to fund real estate deals and find a few for myself!