Signing autographs is fun. Signatures feel like I’m getting into legal trouble for connecting my name to this document. I started practicing my scribble back when I was 10 years old. Of course, back then I thought I was gonna be playing in the NFL, be some sort of stud linebacker or running back. I think we all know that did not happen. Then as I got older and I realized I didn’t have the speed or size to play in the NFL. I was pretty darn good at wrestling, so maybe I was going to be an All-American, National Champion, or Olympic wrestler signing autographs. Turns out that wasn’t in the cards either.

Who would have ever thought that I would be signing a book?? Much less a book that I actually wrote! My English teachers would be very offended based on how I performed in English class back in the day. But the truth is, the subject matter in their classes did not captivate me or interest me in any way, shape, or form. Fatherhood is a subject that interests me. Being the best possible father I can be is a motivating force in my life.

I have found the more fatherhood content I absorbed, the more podcasts I listened to, the more books I read, the more studies I researched, it all made me a better father. It has made me a better husband. Turns out when you focus on something, study it, and you put time into it, you will improve. Whether it’s your business career, investing, hobbies, your favorite sports teams, your marriage….whatever it is. The things that you put time and effort into will naturally improve.

The GOOD DAD to GREAT DAD book turned out amazing. It’s the fourth book I’ve written. The first two were not good, so I never published them. Because I’m not gonna put a bad product out there. The third one was our Best of Memes book. But let’s be honest, there wasn’t much written text in that one besides the captions to the memes. The GOOD DAD to GREAT DAD book was really well put together and has great flow. Which makes it easy to read, easy to keep reading, and genuinely makes sense. When it comes to parenting books that’s a very difficult task. We had a great team involved in this book from editing through cover design. Those talented folks really made me look good and put my words in a much better order than I originally had them!!!

I’m super proud of the end product. It is genuinely a book that will make whoever reads it a better father 100%. It’s going to make dads think. It’s going to push them out of their comfort zones. And it is going to make sense to them.  If you’re one of those dads that genuinely likes being a dad……this book is definitely for you. It will take what is already good about you and make you better. And most importantly teach you how to raise your boys to be good men like you and your daughters to date good men like you.

If you know a dad, this book is an amazing gift. If that dad is struggling then clearly they can benefit from GOOD DAD to GREAT DAD. For the Dads that are already doing a good job, reading books like this is how you bring out the best in your fatherhood skills. We don’t encourage dads to be good enough. We don’t encourage dads to do the bare minimum. We want dads to put the effort into being the best father they can be.

***Side note. Buy from the website It makes my retail numbers look terrible but it will save you a ton of money. I buy these books a few pallets at a time and it really brings the cost down. On the big box stores side of things they print in small runs so the print cost and retail split creates a very expensive book!

$19.99 and free shipping while we can! This makes a great Father’s Day Gift (June 16th) and can be signed and personalized for dad by me! Just send me a note and I will make it happen!