We want Dads to be aware of how vital Dads role is not only to their wife and kids, but to their community as well. Strong, moral, involved good dads have a tremedous effect on our communities and and the future. We encourage and provide Dads with resources, support, and guidance so they can be the best dad and the best influence they can be.

The life of a Dad has many moving parts, But the areas we feel need the most effort are these:

  • Focus on having a strong healthy marriage and staying on the same page.
  • Making sure finances are in order. Good Income, controlling expenses, and preparing for the future.
  • Make sure Dad is the strongest Influence in our kids lives.
  • Always instilling and reminding of our families values, morals, and faith.
  • Providing the basics of life: Food, Shelter, Safety, Love, Discipine.
  • Have a will and term life insurance in place.
  • Dad teaches everything he knows.
  • Protecting the family from harm & evil.
  • Dad is always trying to be a better man and being the best role model for his kids.

Our Values and Purpose

Be a source of information that Good Dads agree with and can fine tune their lives with.

Provide content that encourages absent and struggling dads to step back up for their families.

Constant reminders to do everything you can to keep your family together, healthy, and strong.

Provide resources and tips so Dads have frequent reminders and tips on their role.


As a small business owner and the sole provider for my wife and at the time two children, I wanted to make sure that if I died unexpectantly, that the business would not fall apart leaving my family in a bad spot. After writing a really awesome detailed manual for what to do in the event of my death I started thinking heavily that if I could replace Townsend the business owner in text, then I could replace Townsend the dad in the same way. With that I began to jot down thoughts and notes to my two boys (two at the time, three now) in 2015. About halfway through writing that text, I started to change the audience from my boys to anyone reading it. It seemed that this might not only be a good tool for my boys, but it might be a good tool for other dads as well.

So here we are. 100% DAD is finding ways to create content for dads. Finding ways to get in front of as many dads as possible. Because Good Dads have the oppurunity to impact the world greater than any celebrity, athlete, or politician. Dads can improve the country. Dads change improve the next generation. Dads can truly make the world great.


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