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At 100% DAD we always say EVERY DAD NEEDS A WILL. It prevents a ton of problems for your family in the event you die. Regardless of your income, dont make your family deal with probate courts!! Get your will in place. Its not expensive!! US Legal Forms is here to make that a lot easier.

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Health Insurance is a big concern for every family. Some families are lucky to have a big corporate or government career that provides great benefits. Many of us do not have that benefit or that benefit is incredibly expensive. As a small business owner, I was in the same situation. When Obamacare rolled out our affordable family plan was canceled and the new plans would be $1800 a month for our family. That's almost $22,000 a year!! I eventually found a better solution.

I have been using medi-share for years now. There are some catches and clauses to pay attention to but it brought our costs to around $300 a month to protect my whole family. For our family, it was a perfect fit. We were healthy and lived a clean and Christian lifestyle. As you read their agreement you do have to agree to their terms or they have the right to deny coverage.

The plan I always liked is essentially a high deductible plan. Which is what I have always preferred. I take the burden off the insurance companies' shoulders by saying I will cover the first $10,000 in expenses. They take care of everything after that. Considering I was about to pay $22,000 a year for coverage that still had deductibles I thought that was a no-brainer. Should I pay $22,000 every year no matter what or pay $3,600 a year with the possibility of having to cover the first $10,000.

This plan has saved me so much money I will be grateful for a long time!! Check them out by utilizing this link. Full disclosure going through this link will compensate 100% Dad in the event you decide to do business with Medi-Share!