Rhyan says I should be sure to clarify my stance on bullying. She thinks I come across as a big aggressive alpha male and if I don’t say it out loud some of you may come to the wrong conclusion. I don’t know why she would think this. I’m just a big adorable lovable little […]


The subject here is discipline. I think discipline is very very important. And some kids need stronger doses of it than others. Every kid really is different. Discipline creates order, structure, consequences for bad behavior. And for discipline to be truly effective the kids need to also be receiving tons of love. They need to […]

Look 4 the Best in People

We look for the best in people and situations. There is evil and darkness in the world that we cannot ignore, but we don’t let it consume us.   I think it is super important to not be the guy that complains about everything.   And I have a natural tendency to do just that. […]

Humble Dad

I write this one for me. This is my thing.   Pride is my struggle. We need to constantly remind ourselves that we are, in fact, human. We (by we, I mean me) are very susceptible to becoming overconfident. I have to remember I did not achieve anything by myself. Other people helped me, influenced […]

Dads, Guns and Kids

For the anti-gun dads out there. For the gun owning dads out there. DO THIS. TEACH GUN SAFETY. No matter what. If you have guns in the house. If you think guns should be illegal. Teach you, children, firearm safety. There is nothing worse than reading a story about a kid shooting another kid. Or […]


We avoid temptations, including infidelity, Drugs, gambling, pornography, and mismanaging the wealth we’ve been entrusted with. Temptation is always going to be out there.  This is a subject that really fascinates me because these things really really consume some people. To the point of destroying there lies and they just can’t fight it. I’ve spoken […]

No Idleness

We are not and will not become complacent, lazy, or ignorant. No Idleness   To pick up off the hard work video from episode 5. The one thing I never want to model for my boys is idleness. Being Lazy or complacent. Because I don’t want my boys to grow up to be sloths. TO […]