Intro to a speech/Townsends Background and Bio

I finally had a day to get some work done. Rented an office in Oklahoma City. Had steady fast internet. Had a 3-page list of things to do. Write, Record, Organize, pay bills, check budgets, reconcile, put out some fires. I found this opening to a speech I had prepared. I thought it would make […]

We Teach

We teach our children morals and values, not other people. So one of the big things that irritate me about parents are parents that are not involved in teaching their kids and I’m not talking about history, science, and math. There is a need for you to be involved there.  I’m talking about family values, […]

Awareness of Kids’ Influence

We need to remain aware of what we allow our kids to be taught.  Spinning off of knowing our morals, values, and ethics… You’re a dad and dad is supposed to be a role model, an example, and a leader. Leaders teach those under them. They raise them up. They show them the way to […]

Learn & Improve

Dads should always be learning,  reading, and improving. We shouldn’t believe everything we read, but use our brain and our family values to decipher what is right and what is wrong. Listen, not everyone is a reader. It’s easier for some than for others. I’ve got ADHD on steroids. I just zoned out for five […]


We make wise money decisions. We tally our resources before building a tower. We budget – no matter our net worth. We control our expenses, income, and investments. Finance, one of my all-time favorite subjects!! Let’s start with the basics otherwise, this would turn into a six-day event. Budget. It is that simple. Budget. A […]


DADS: MODEL THE HONESTY WE WISH OTHER PEOPLE HAD. Does it drive you crazy when you catch people lying? I don’t get it. And it’s often lying about the smallest things. By that I mean if they were honest we wouldn’t even care!! Lying, embellishment, misleading has all become almost a norm in today’s culture. […]


Our family knows that hard work is the key to happiness. Ahhhhh. Hard work. Makes a man feel like a man. There is just something satisfying about exerting physical labor and seeing the immediate fruits of our labor. I have something to admit. I like mowing the grass. It’s hot, sticky, I burn easy, I […]

Happiness Journey

Happiness & success are not destinations, they are lifestyles.   Life might not be long for me. It might not be long for you. It might be really long. My new goal, by the way, is to live past 100, but a healthy 100. Not a veggie 100. And I’m doing nothing right now to […]

Dads, Be Men

It is okay to be a man. To act like a man. To feel like a man. In fact, it is important to embrace your testosterone and be a freaking man. Dads — be a man. What is a good dad? Provide for your family. Make sure they have a roof over their head. Food […]